Rekindling My Paintball Passion

posted by Double-Action-Hammer 1:45 PM
Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In my younger days, my buddies and I would go out paintballing every weekend. We would spend all of our hard-earned money on new equipment and ammo, traveling around the Tri-City area to take part in various competitions. As we’ve grown older, the opportunities for paintballing have dwindled, but last weekend we were able to find some time to head out to our old stomping ground.

Back when we frequented the course there was a set of regulars, but when we returned it was nothing but brash, diehard kids. It’d been awhile since any of us had upgraded our gear, and the technological advancements in the equipment quickly became apparent. Not only were our opponents’ markers more accurate and high-powered, they also had advanced peripheral weaponry like paintball grenades.

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