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Upping the Ante

posted by admin 8:00 AM
Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some paintball enthusiasts treat the sport as a mere hobby, while others take it more seriously. In order to remain competitive in the world of paintball, it’s important to display passion. The more knowledge you attain about the game and its equipment, the better your chances of coming out on the winning end. In some cases, mental know-how isn’t quite enough. You need a technological advantage to ensure a thrilling victory rather than an agonizing defeat.

High-tech equipment bolsters a player’s odds of winning a game of paintball, and the benefits stretch beyond the realm of the physical. Mental intimidation techniques come with the competitive territory, and equipment choices play a large part. Simple accessories such as rifle scopes can up the mental ante while also providing a true boost to a player’s performance. Dedicated players can up the ante with a tool of utter paintball devastation: paintball grenade launchers. These babies would appear at home in a real-life warzone, so just imagine the sort of impact it could make during your weekend rec game.

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The Serious Side of Paintball

posted by admin 6:47 PM
Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Much like the sport of airsoft, paintball is truly a thinking man’s game when played at its highest levels. Teamwork is crucial, but good leadership is a rare virtue that can make all the difference in a game’s result. Some players enjoy setting up complex military simulations and playing them out over a period of paintball sessions. This allows adherents to experience the thrill of battle in a safe environment.

The most dedicated players outfit themselves in tactical paintball gear, which can be thought of as their uniform or military regalia. During a military simulation, teams would be split into a chain of command with the most important officers calling the plays over a Cobra two way radio and sending their front lines out ahead. These are all elements of serious paintball play that might never occur to an outsider or novice.

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Protecting Your Peepers

posted by Double-Action-Hammer 1:20 PM
Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anyone who has ever fired a paintball gun knows how imperative your eyesight is. And the ironic thing is that your eyes are probably your most vulnerable body part when you are playing paintball. To that end, it’s crucial to take the proper cautions to protect your eyes-whether you’re in a heated match or just taking some target practice.

Look for paintball goggles that completely encase your eyes and the bridge of your nose. Most masks will cover the rest of your face as well, which is a good idea too-I know taking a paintball to the chin doesn’t sound too fun to me. Like swimming goggles, paintball goggles have a tendency to fog up, so be sure to look for models with anti-fog lens.

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Preparation is Key in Paintball

posted by Double-Action-Hammer 1:20 PM
Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My friends and I go paintballing virtually every weekend, and although we don’t compete in competitions, our matches definitely aren’t for the faint of heart. It’s not uncommon for us to have to call off the game early when a scuffle breaks out over a disputed kill. And when you know the battles are going to be heated, you have to come to the paintball field prepared.

Last weekend I didn’t heed my own advice and boy did I pay for it. After going through my entire clip of paintballs, I found myself stranded behind enemy lines. I reached into my holsters for my reserve paintball pistols only to find that I had left them back at my Mom’s house. I made a mad dash back to my base, but it was too late-the enemy spotted me fleeing and let loose a hail of fire, pelting my back and spelling disaster for my squad.

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Rekindling My Paintball Passion

posted by Double-Action-Hammer 1:45 PM
Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In my younger days, my buddies and I would go out paintballing every weekend. We would spend all of our hard-earned money on new equipment and ammo, traveling around the Tri-City area to take part in various competitions. As we’ve grown older, the opportunities for paintballing have dwindled, but last weekend we were able to find some time to head out to our old stomping ground.

Back when we frequented the course there was a set of regulars, but when we returned it was nothing but brash, diehard kids. It’d been awhile since any of us had upgraded our gear, and the technological advancements in the equipment quickly became apparent. Not only were our opponents’ markers more accurate and high-powered, they also had advanced peripheral weaponry like paintball grenades.

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Communication is Key

posted by Double-Action-Hammer 1:45 PM
Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When spending time nature, having the proper gear and equipment is essential. Most of my trips into the great outdoors entail at least a couple rounds of paintball, and when you have a team of players, you need a reliable means of communication. Cobra two way radios are ideal for this purpose. As you can imagine, there are several factors to consider before you invest in a radio set:

~How far away do you need to talk?
~What is your budget?
~What features do you need?
~Where are you going to use these radios?

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Pressure Gauge

posted by Todd 12:00 PM
Monday, June 28, 2010

        If you are seriouse about the game, you will also be just as seriouse about keeping you paintball gear in tip top shape so that it will perform the way that you would expect it to do.

        Keep your velocity of your marker in safe limits of 280FPS with superior chronograph, get the best. The pressure in your maker is important so by using a pressure gauge.

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Large-Scale Paintball War Games

posted by Double-Action-Hammer 1:31 PM
Friday, June 18, 2010

Last weekend some friends and I decided to get together for an immense paintball campaign. We typically get about 10-12 guys, but we unexpectedly had more than 30 people show up. Since we play in eight-acres of wilderness behind my buddy’s ranch, this number of people wasn’t a hindrance.

In fact, it gave us an opportunity to employ some of the heavy paintball artillery that usually stays in storage. Each side had several paintball machine guns, as well as grenade launchers and landmines. We ended up playing for over eight hours, and I think we will be getting together for more epic battles later this summer.

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Paintball Googles

posted by Todd 3:52 PM
Monday, June 14, 2010

In order to ensure your safety and the safety of each and every player, great quality paintball equipment is an essential part of any paintball game. In addition, while good quality of equipment does not guarantee that you will be a good player; bad equipment is guaranteed to hinder your game and performance.

Proper maintenance of equipment is also essential. If your paintball goggles are covered in paint, it is important not to simply wipe the paint off, because doing so may cause debris to scratch the lens. You should leave the field and clean off the lens using water and a towel or a piece of cloth.

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Gear for Serious Paintballers

posted by Double-Action-Hammer 1:30 PM
Friday, June 4, 2010

If you are a casual paintballer, you are probably content renting a run-of-the-mill marker from your local paintball field. However, for those who take their paintballing seriously, investing in state-of-the-art equipment is essential to competing at a high level. Purchasing a top-of-the-line paintball marker isn’t enough-you’re going to need some peripherals as well.

Paintball grenades, landmines and other specialty weapons are now commonplace and the only way to decimate a large number of forces at once. Of course, you will need to make upgrades to your marker too. A laser paintball sight, for example, will help you target adversaries no matter what the lighting conditions.